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2008-05-02 14:06:01 by geekmonky

ok listen if your thinking i am a noob at flash you will be in for a surprise
since fitin blobs was not by me .It was by a friend who i used to share this account with
but however he was scraping my reputation into shreds but today i changed my password
so he wont make it worse.

so any way i am working on something amazing a random future teemed randomness for "hold your colour" by Penndulum

so i have removed my ex friend's movie fitin bloobs.

hold your coulour is coming soon

<iframe width="550" height="350" src=" bed.php?g_id=2931" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

vote on the blob collab

2008-04-20 14:44:08 by geekmonky

please vote on the blob collab

oh and here is a cool vid

/* */

take a look at the quiz maker

2008-04-12 11:14:44 by geekmonky

please could everyone vote the quiz maker

cool thing

2008-03-26 09:01:35 by geekmonky

i found this picture

cool thing

free action script yaaaay

2008-03-20 19:18:24 by geekmonky

we all like some free script
comment on it and say how it can be inproved

onClipEvent (load) {
while (_root.wall.hitTest(_x, _y+radius, true)) {
while (_root.wall.hitTest(_x, _y-radius, true)) {
while (_root.wall.hitTest(_x-radius, _y, true)) {
while (_root.wall.hitTest(_x+radius, _y, true)) {

all it is ,is a movie clip can move around with a scrolling background simple a n cool

movie im working on

2008-03-12 17:51:18 by geekmonky

hello this is proving hard im rubbish at drawing and its i have a lot of homework.
if any one can draw a character or scenery i would be happy

in process

2008-03-06 13:51:14 by geekmonky

Hello i am making a movie i'm dooing it fast i think it will be ready in april :)
its about a camp were all the adults die so the kids need to find civilization.

Using this im going to try to get a trophy.

P.S please comment thanks for ridingdont worry it wil be worth voting 5.